The REBOX system consists of SPV electricity generation and energy storage in batteries and Hydrogen. The batteries are NiFe technology and the hydrogen is stored either in metal hydrides, or as compressed gas. The H2 can either be burned to generate thermal energy, or reconverted into electricity in a fuel cell. For power electronics different suppliers are used with our MP control and remote monitoring. The hydrogen management is using proprietary technology without compressors.

The prefabricated REBOX distributed micro-grid should be able to take care of all your energy needs, electricity for the home, heating for the home, hot water needs, cooling and transportation using EV. A battery fuelled EV, the car can be fully charged over-night. If Hydrogen is the fuel, you can ll your tanks with your own home produced Hydrogen. Sun is your own energy source, as if you had your own oil well, your sun-well. All you need is for a home to generate 10 kW SPV electricity, to be able to have access to 50 square meter sunny patch today (20% ef ciency) and in a few years half of that area, as the SPV ef ciency further improves. With the REBOX not only will you have clean energy, it will also cost less than what you pay today.