Since the Sun delivers energy over the Earth uniformly, but how much energy we can collect depends on the latitude, on the altitude and the angle at which, we intersect the sun’s radiaton. In principle the sun delivers adequate energy to all of us across the globe and hence if we have large enough sunny area and the means to absorb and utilze this energy we do not need to build the power grid for electricity or transmission pipes for natural gas. The device offered by Holistic Solar will enable anyone to get there energy only from the sun.

The solar insolation map for the world is shown on Figure 2. The minimum insolation at the North Pole is approximately 500 hours of equivalent peak sun and the maximum insolation in small-insolated areas is 3000 hours of equivalent peak sun. This gives a factor of six variationbasically depending on latitudes across the globe. On this scale for example New York,Rome, Budapest are near the 45 degree latitude with an annual insolation of 1400 hours.



Let us estimate what is the size of sunny patch a family needs around the 45th latitude? The average household of 4 persons in the developed world uses about 10 kWh of electrical energy and 10 kWh or 36MJ of thermal energy on the average per day this means that the annual consumption of this family will be 365 x 20 kWh = 7300 kWh/year. If we take the 1400 hours of equivalent peak sun/year on this latitude. If the sun’s radiation is 1kW/m,at 20% efficiency (this is what the the solar panels efficiency are today) this will generate 200 Watts/m2 . During one year of 1400 hours of equivalnt peak sun, 1mwill generate 200 Watt x 1500 hours = 300 kWh energy/year. The average household needs 7300 kWh. Therefore at 20% efficient SPV module will need 7300/300 = 24,3 m2 of sunny patch.

Holistic Solar forecasts the efficiency increase of the H-SPV  technology in the following way. See the table below.

Therefore on the latitude discussed household could generate all of its energy from a sunny patch of 10mor less. Sunshine delivers the energy to all of us. Half the cost of electricity delivered by the central utility is due to the need for transmission lines. Similarly the cost of natural gas delivered to us for thermal energy is twice as expensive as the natural gas itself, because of the cost of the transmission pipeline.

Moreover in our days of cyber attacks, centrally delivered energy is much more susceptible to cyber terrorism. SUNSHINE IS NOT EFFECTED BY CYBER TERRORISM.