Based on the upgraded manufacturing equipment and proprietary NiFe manufacturing technology the company offers job creating self-sufficient PV industrial activity focusing on any community both in the developing and developed world. The company offers, based on these component manufacturing, also product design and system installation know-how to create a maximum number of employment. Such SSPV (Self Sustaining PV) activity is described in brochure B.

The biggest job creator in the Age of Solar 2 will be the REBOX manufacturing Super Factories. The company called these SSPV, Self-Sustaining PV industry. We could also call these the modern high tech oil wells, “Sun-Wells” replacing the oil wells of the 20th century.

SSPV, the REBOX Super Factory manufactures the necessary components and assembles the complete system. The REBOX has the following subsystems and components.

i) The H-SPV module, based on multi-junction thin film PV device

ii) The H-SPV module also collects the heat energy generated in the module and delivers it to the REBOX

iii) The NiFe battery module

iv) The water electrolyzer

v) The hydrogen storage element

vi) The distilled water preparation

vii) Associated power control and monitoring electronics with DC/DC converter, charge controller, the monitoring and the remotely programmable control logic.

As optional elements, the REBOX can also have a fuel cell reconverting the hydrogen into electricity, it can also contain the furnace and the whole heating system of the user, burning hydrogen to generate the heat. Or the hydrogen burning can be used also to do the cooking.