Holistic Solar is carrying out R&D activity in four areas of science.

  • Develop the next generation SPV modules and the manufacturing process SVDS, to manufacture triple-junction thin film, the PV TRIO, a-SiC//a Si//CIGS, with efficiency goal of 40% and electricity cost < $0.02 per kWh. We carry out development on thin film module manufacturing equipment, for the same materials above that we use in our materials research work.
  • Continue the development and optimization of the REBOX product to reach less than $0.05 cost of SPV electricity also for clean, base-load, renewable electricity with storage.
  • Develop combined renewable electricity and heat generation. The company is developing SPV modules that will also be capable to collect the low-grade heat from the PV modules and carry it to a central heat exchanger where it can be used for the thermal management of the home.
  • Develop artificial, clean hydrocarbons by using SPV electricity from reclaimed CO2 by the process CO2+ H2O +SPV ➙ HOCOH ➙ CH2O ➙ Any one of the hydrocarbons as we go up the chain, Formic acid, Formaldehyde, Methanol can be used as a liquid form of hydrogen storage. These artificial hydrocarbons coupled with fuel cells can also be used as the fuel for Electric Vehicles, (EVs), or as the long-term hydrogen storage coupled with batteries for stationary applications (REBOX products).

The company also carries out R&D activity under federal and government contracts, and for third party industrial clients.