The next important element of the renewable energy revolution is the storage of energy. Holistic Solar offers a line of products trademarked REBOX (renewable energy box).

These line of products integrated into a single box contain nickel iron (NiFe) batteries for short term storage and hydrogen storage for long term storage.

In the REBOX systems the NiFe battery is sealed its around trip efficiency is improved and the evolving hydrogen is reclaimed.

As we move from central purchase of energy to our distributed self-generation, Holistic Solar, HS offers a 4 step service for the guaranteed life of 30 years of the REBOX microgrid:


Before any decision is made about the purchase of the “solar well” REBOX for the family home, the most important first step is the energy audit. The HS auditor evaluates the total electrical need, thermal need and the potentially usable self-generated fuel, either battery or H2 for the EV transportation.


After the contract is signed for the 30 years guarantee, the installation begins within 90 days and typically will be completed in less than 180 days. The systems fall within the matrix as shown on the next page, ranging from total energy of 1000 kWh/year to 200,000 kWh per year of a prefabricated integrated REBOX, containing a choice of technologies of SPV modules, // NiFe or other suitable batteries, // H2-t, thermal or H2-FC, Fuel cell or H2-CC, combined cycle long term storage //


To ensure the 30 years life, as used in the cost calculations, HS offers the Service contract for the same term. This contract also includes technology upgrade during this period, for a pre-negotiated per kWh delivered basis.

Fourth Step - SSPV

To exploit the social transformational potential of the changing energy revolution, HS will propose in overlapping communities, consisting of approximately 100,000 residences, a “community solar well” SSPV, Self-Sustaining PV industry, where the manufacturing and installation would originate. All the purchasers of the REBOX system are invited to participate in the manufacturing and marketing activity of the SSPV and to become stakeholders in the same.