A schematic diagram of the REBOX is shown below:

Technical description of the REBOX system is available in the technical brochure, available for download. The REBOX system can be purchased in the following versions, all sized to the specific needs of the buyer/user. (See the spec sheets)

  • REBOX-E, This product is primarily an energy source optimized for the delivery of electricity only. The electricity is stored in NiFe batteries and hydrogen. The hydrogen can be reconverted to electricity, either using a fuel cell or a heat to power turbo generator.
  • REBOX-ET, REBOX delivering both electrical and thermal energy.
  • H-REBOX-ET is the complex overall system where the H-SPV module is used extracting both heat and electricity. It also includes the full function Air Miner to extract humidity and CO2 from the air. The REBOX storage system includes the storage and delivery of heat, an option of hydrogen conversion into electricity either by using a fuel cell or heat to power turbo generator. It also includes the extraction of humidity from the air and the production of distilled water.