We invite the reader of this website to interact and participate with us in any aspects of our activities.

  1. If you are interested to purchase a REBOX, please contact: info@holistic.solar. Depending on the size and functions required delivery time ranges from 90 days to 12 months. To read further information download: REBOX brochure.
  2. We invite you to invest in any one of the corporations including different countries and projects that are shown on the HS organization chart. Even though we are looking for corporate and financial institutions to invest, the company’s goal is for several capital raise activities to use the crowd-funding. In this we specially call your attention that the company will start a crowd-funding in the US to help to augment and to establish a number of REBOX-based Community Solars in Puerto Rico. If you are interested in equity purchase, please contact: scott.blow@holistic.solar.
  3. Our company philosophy is to reach to shortest distance between the manufacturing of the REBOX energy supply and the user. To accomplish this around each of the REBOX manufacturing Super Factories we are looking to people to establish a MEPIS (Manufacturing, Engineering, Procurement, Installation and Service) franchise. If you are interested to examine our MEPIS franchise concept and offer, please contact: attila.varfalvi@holistic.solar.
  4. Holistic Solar has a number of project activities. These include Community Solars in different parts of the world like described above for Puerto Rico, it also includes constructing the REBOX Super Factories in different countries, the development of the number of applications both R&D and applied projects. For further information contact:info.project@holistic.solar.
  5. If you are looking for a job in any aspect of the above activities, the company would welcome to receive, to review and respond to your inquiry. If after reading our website, you are interested in the Holistic Solar mission, we enthusiastically welcome you to help us to move the world to clean energy. For employment interest, please contact: info.jobs@holistic.solar.