The central organization is Holistic Solar Holding, HSH, incorporated in the US in 2016.

The function of HSH, as shown on the diagram is the owner of the intellectual property, coordinator of the R&D and finance activity and an equity holder in all the operating companies.

HS has two OEM equipment manufacturing, HS-SVDS, “Holistic Solar-Stationary Vacuum Deposition System” (incorporated in Germany) for next generation MJ-MF/TF, “Multi-Junction-Multi-Function/Thin Film Modules” and HS-H2 “HS-Hydrogen” (incorporated in Hungary) for the manufacturing of H2 equipment, NIFFEL for Storage, batteries, hydrogen generation and hydrogen Storage.

H-REBOX Super Factories are planned in the different countries.

The “Marketing, Engineering, Procurement, Installation and Service” is proposed to be accomplished through a MEPIS franchise around each REBOX Super Factory.