REBOX- 10kWSPV//10kWhNiFe//H/100kWh/t. The description of values indicate the following: The 10 kW SPV production is stored in 10 kWh NiFe battery and the capacity of the solid metal hydride hydrogen holding container is 100 kWh (3 kg H2). „t” in the name means, that the hydrogen is used for thermal energy. A Fuel Cell can also be added to the system. The selling price of the system is $37,500

The first figure shows the system from the outside, with the model standing next. The second and third pictures show the two sides of the REBOX, one with the NiFe batteries, the other the hydrogen side. The size of the box is 1m x 1m x 2m. It can contain up to 20 kWh NiFe batteries and 100 kWh equivalent in H2.

The life cycle cost of electricity can be calculated. At the latitude of Budapest there are 1500 hours of equivalent peak sun hours per year. In 30 years, within the guaranteed life of the product the 10 kW SPV will produce 10 kW x 30 years x 1500 hours/year = 450,000kWh of electricity. Therefore the cost of produced energy: SPV electricity cost = $37,500/450,000kWh = $0.08/kWh

Home charging station of a Tesla

The 65 kWh model of an EV if charged overnight from the home, one needs a mother battery greater than the batteries that have to be charged, e.g. 80 kWh. To charge the 80 kWh batteries, we need on the Budapest latitude 25 kW SPV. The resulting REBOX is

25 kW SPV//80 kWh NiFe //100 kWh H2t will cost $100,000

Home charging station for Toyota Mirai

The EV using fuel cells and two full tanks of compressed 2 kg of H2 (equivalent 65 kWh) can be filled up with home generated H2 to the high pressures (10,000 psi) with the home REBOX (with high pressure electrolyzer) in about 10 minutes. The required REBOX is 25 kW SPV//20 kWh NiFe//100 kWh H2t. Cost $80,000

Comparison of different competing batteries

Kiss Rebox opening party 2016

Kiss Rebox product introduction