In our present day of the 21st century there is political instability all over the world, the Pax Americana has ended. Global warming, not even accepted by many of our leaders is beginning to devastate our planet. But tragically, our recognition of reality is impaired by the acceptance of  the substituting fake reality for the political observer of the inconvenient truth.In this reality, Holistic Solar offers an alternate approach. Starting out with the belief that what we all most want is relevance, for all of us to feel, that we belong somewhere, that we are doing good to our community, to our loved ones.

This may be our inner most driving force above greed. And this is the basis of our “compassionate pursuit of happiness”. Holistic Solar is inviting you to participate in our self-sustaining economic communities, where the community can create our needed daily sustanance, food, energy, where we can take care of each other whether young or old, where we can come as close to utopia as our greedy, human nature allowes. We also start creating the global villages whose politics and compassion might withstandthe present day onslaught of several threatening amargeddon.

These communities exploit the energy changeover to renewable energy to provide the sustenance and the daily bread for the community, while practicing the guiding principles described for Holistic Solar.

If you are interested to participate with us in our holistic adventure of the 21stcentury, you are welcome as a member, as a worker, as an investor or just as a cohabitant to help us make a reality of our self-sustaining community.

Please contact: +36-70-7702771 or write to