Special application for the REBOX can be found wherever energy is used.
Please discuss your special needs with us. Some typical applications include:

  • Solar Hydrogen Farms; to produce H2, O2 and distilled water. These products to be produced in areas of the highest insolation and delivered to other geographic areas
  • Clean EV charging stations; whether battery operated BEV or H2 FC power vehicles, the charging energy has no carbon footprint
  • Community Solar micro-grids
  • Clean electricity storage for central utilities, to make clean dispatchable SPV generated electricity available
  • To replace central pipeline delivered natural gas with clean H2 or thermal energy
  • REBOX-LAB the REBOX device used to study, demonstrate CO2 extraction from the atmosphere, and sequestration in commercial applications of graphite
  • There are several other potential applications, not mentioned here, that the REBOX is specially suitable to fulfill the tasks