“We defend our fellow breathers right to life, liberty and the compassionate pursuit of happiness!”

  • All our products have to have a life of at least 30 years. This is the practical guaranteed lifetime of solar panels.
  • In our products we will not use any toxic or carcinogenic materials.
  • In our products we will exploit the distributed nature of solar energy, optimizing it in size to residences.
  • In our entire endeavor we use the Holistic approach. Holistic approach means for us, to consider any problem as part of the whole, where the parts are in harmony with each other. The parts optimize the value of the whole. Above all the Holistic approach is always in harmony with nature and with the interest of our fellow Breathers.
  • The holistic approach to renewable energy is based on solving simultaneously all the elements of the energy industry, including, electrical energy, thermal energy and water, together with their storage. Above all, the solution must be clean towards the environment (no carbon footprint), and has to be optimized for individuals and families (DER, “Distributed Energy Resource”)