In this age of fake news and multi-sided reality, it is very important that the energy that will be used will be clean, will be the lowest cost, and can be shared by all. It is your duty to establish this reality, and convince yourself and hopefully become a participant in the holistic world of energy.


The world’s first commissioned and decommissioned nuclear reactor Rancho Seco with solar power project next to it (1998):

Installation at Navaho nation (1994):

World’s first building integrated PV, BIPV in New York (1995):

World’s first solar power project Birmingham, Alabama (1993):

The economics of my energy supply

Depending in the country you are in the cost of the energy is 10 to 20 cents per kWh.

Against this present electricity cost, if you use the Holistic Solar REBOX, the company will guarantee wherever you are, the cost will be at least 20% lower than what your are paying today.

Even more importantly, this electricity is clean, distributed, generated by your REBOX with all the other advantages of the Holistic Solar guarantee described before.

The REBOX not only delivers the electricity, but also delivers the thermal energy you use. Presently, this is delivered to my home as natural gas through a Russian pipeline. We pay for this natural gas 5 Ft/MJ.

Whether it is Russian natural gas piped into your home, or fracked gas in the United States even at higher cost, we guarantee a minimum of 20% reduction in the cost of your thermal energy.

Further advantage of the thermal energy delivered by the REBOX, that it can be delivered in 4 forms: i.) hot water ii.) hot air for heating iii.) air-conditioning iv.) or hydrogen can be also delivered for cooking, in political jurisdictions, where hydrogen is allowed to be used in the home (like Japan).

And again, remember this is clean, distributed and generated in your own REBOX with all the advantages. 

The REBOX can also deliver distilled water and its derivatives, like drinking water and health water. The source of this water is mining the humidity from the air.

The final and more important air mining is to take out the approximately 400 ppm of CO2 that is already in the atmosphere, and the primary reason for the catastrophic weather occurrence that is happening around the world today.

To ensure that the potential user/owner of the REBOX will purchase the optimum product for his or her needs, the first step is to contact the Holistic Solar consultant and seek advice.

For this, please e-mail to:, or call: +36 70 7702771.