As described in the Holistic Solar Warranty (HSW) policy, HS warranties the performance of the REBOX product for 30 years, as long as the HS Service Agreement (HSSA) is also purchased with the product.

The most important benefit of the Service Agreement, not only will the product during this 30 year period maintained and serviced, but also any technical innovations that occur during this period, will be monitored by HS, the client will be informed of it’s existence and the innovation will be incorporated into the HS product at cost.

Thus, your REBOX purchased from HS will not become technically obsolete or inferior during the 30year period.

During this period the company will continue its most advanced R&D program in cooperation with the finest technical institutions, including, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA), with the Fraunhofer Institute of Germany, NJIT of the US, and the Shanghai Academy of Sciences of China.


  • Development of clean synthetic methanol for hydrogen storage,
  • CO2 extraction and sequestration of CO2
  • Novel nanotechnology based Ni-Fe electrodes
  • Development of high band-gap thin film semi-conducting PV materials
  • Development of a hydrogen reformer either from synthetic methanol from different forms of crude oil
  • Methods of carbon sequestration in manufactured graphite nanotechnology based industrial products
  • Development of clean methanol synthesizer as a form of carbon sequestration