At the beginning of Age of Solar 2 crystalline silicon has reached its maximum of theoretical efficiency. To continue the progess in renewable energy, new basic technology capable of higher efficiencies has to be introduced. This is the first priority of Holistic Solar. Holistic Solar’s primary innovation for the Age of Solar 2, is the introduction of HS-SPV modules, the Holistic Solar SPV module that is capable over the next decade

i) to reach electrical conversion efficiencies of 40%+

ii) also take out the thermal energy that until now was discarded

iii) combine this energy conversion with CO2 extraction from the atmosphere

At the beginning of Age of Solar 2 the Holistic Solar distributed energy generator, the REBOX is already capable of delivering to the user/owner, both electrical energy and thermal energy at lower cost than offered by central utilities and natural gas suppliers.

Holistic Solar is a vertically integrated company in the solar photovoltaic (SPV) industry, with history of innovations in the past and leading edge R&D for future products.