Holistic Solar Holding SA (AG, Ltd), HSH, registered in the United States, has a number of operating interrelated companies, with majority ownership in all those companies. Holistic Solar Germany, HSG is a developer and manufacturer of thin film deposition vacuum equipment, with emphasis on manufacturing equipment to make multi-junction thin-film based SPV modules. In addition to the marketing function it also coordinates the worldwide R&D activity.

A second chain of manufacturing companies operates under the name of HS, and it produces distributed SPV power generators with storage, brand named REBOX. Presently there are three such operating companies as part of HSH, one in Hungary HS-Hu, one in the US, HS-US, and one in Germany, HS-Ge.

Our history

Some personnel of Holistic Solar were present at the birth of the modern PV industry in the early 1960’s. Bell Labs and RCA Labs were the first ones to make crystalline solar panels. At the same time, amorphous Silicon thin film was also demonstrated as a PV device. Some of the highlights of this journey:

First Solar calculator –Princeton, NJ by Optel 1971


First SPV watch by Optel 1973


 First thin film module manufacturing of Port Jarvis, NY by Chronar 1982


First PV power project Birmingham, Alabama by Chronar 1985


First SPV consumer product the Walklite by Chronar 1986


Sale of first PV factory Lens, France by Chronar 1986


First PV factory in Harbin, China by Chronar 1988


BIPV Times Square, New York City by EPV 2002


SPV water pumping in Africa by Nanergy 2006


Tandem aSi devices and manufacturing by Amelio 2008


PV DUO demonstration by Amelio in Munich 2010

Our Present

The PV industry is going from the age of Solar 1 to the age of Solar 2. Major changes are taking place throughout the industry.

The most important goal is to reduce further the cost of SPV generated electricity from the present $0.10 per kWh by an additional factor of 3 to below $0.03 per kWh (in areas of insolation of 2000 hours). This cost reduction is feasible based on past research. Holistic Solar is involved in materials and device research to increase the efficiency of multi-junction thin film modules to 30%.

The energy storage associated with renewable SPV generation is a most important issue. Holistic Solar is exploiting the NiFe battery technology to provide storage for 10,000 cycles, to last as long as the SPV modules last.

Third party leasing arrangements double the cost of SPV electricity for the user. Holistic Solar offers the user/owner a line of REBOX products as the best economical and social solution for Main Street.

In the age of Solar 2, Holistic Solar wants to participate in job creation and other socio-economic benefits of the SPV industry.

Life, liberty and compassionate pursuit of happiness 

Our Future 

Holistic Solar, recognizing its responsibility to its neighbors and the community, is planning to build in the coming age of Solar 2, a franchise of self-sustaining communities. These communities will be the key pillars of a distributed energy supply through the use of REBOX and associated microgrids. To maximize job creation and local independence, component manufacturing of SPV modules, batteries and product assembly will be integrated into these self-sustaining communities (SSPV). The SSPV will also establish service/maintenance centers and will be able to take care of a trouble free SPV electricity generation.

We believe that the SPV industry will be a long term source of job creation, as in the 21st century the fossil fuels as an energy source will be gradually replaced by SPV energy generation. We hope and work so that the SSPV franchise can become the model of a new spirit in our lives based on a modified motto of “life, liberty and compassionate pursuit of happiness’.