Holistic Solar Organization

The second half of the 20th century could be marked as Solar Age 1. During that period solar photovoltaic (SPV) was developed as a viable alternative to fossil fuels. In the beginning of the 21st century the first Gigawatt scale Solar PV electricity generation was installed.

The 21st century is the Age of Solar 2. By the end of this century, mined fossil fuels will be replaced by clean, renewable energy, including SPV. Holistic Solar was formed to participate in this energy revolution.

Holistic Solar is a vertically integrated company in the solar photovoltaic (SPV) industry, with history of innovations in the past and leading edge R&D for future products.

As solar photovoltaics (SPV) replaces fossil fuels, it creates jobs and it will be the driving force behind self-sustaining, economic communities. Human ingenuity always found ways to survive. Now that the fossil fuel supply is almost depleted, less than 100 years supply is left, modern technology found ways to replace it with renewable energy from the Sun. Solar PV (SPV) is one of those technologies.

Some Holistic Solar personnel were present at the birth of the modern PV industry in the early 1960’s. Building on the latest solar technologies we will create revolutionary new solar products that will change the lives of many! It will create a greener planet and a brighter future. So let us go and harness the energy of the Sun! Enjoy the pictorial presentation of our new and revolutionary products below.


Holistic Solar offers product lines that span all vertically integrated elements of the SPV industry. This includes the manufacturing equipment and turnkey operations to manufacture components, all the way to commercialization and installation of Sunowner stand alone systems either outside the home like rooftops, or iside the home like the SW generation.

Research & Development

We continue the search for multijunction thin film PV with greater than 30% efficiency. We also develop important elements, such as high-pressure electrolyzer and synthetic methanol.

Manufacturing Equipment

We offer novel manufacturing equipment for thin film PV.

Battery Activity

Holistic Solar is establishing to manufacture NiFe batteries.

REBOX Line of Products

The next important element of the renewable energy revolution is the storage of energy. Holistic Solar offers a line of products trademarked REBOX (renewable energy box).


Based on the upgraded manufacturing equipment and proprietary Ni-Fe manufacturing technology the company offers job creating self sufficient PV industrial activity focusing on any community both in the developing and developed world.


Sunshade & Suncurtain. Solar electricity generated inside your home.



In the sun circle of history, in the 21st century, the fossil fuel as the primary energy source is replaced with clean renewable energy, primarily SPV and the oil wells are changed to Sun Springs, producing REBOX micro-grids to supply clean cheap energy to future generations.
REBOX is an important part of the energy revolution

Holistic Solar is pleased to offer a line of SHS (Solar Home Systems) PV stations with batteries and load management named REBOX. REBOX ranges from 250W PV module with 1 kWh of batteries to 1 MW PV with variable of battery storage. Custom products outside of the above parameters are available. The recommended American Family Sunowner (AFSO-5) is a 5 kW PV system, with 10 kWh of battery storage, remote accessible load management, with energy audit included.

The advantages of REBOX as compared to competitors like Solar City, Sun Edison, Sungevity, Vivent Solar and many other similar companies can be seen below. For further information see brochure D.



HSH mission/charter is, while operating a “for profit” company, to advance the replacement of fossil fuels by a clean renewable energy such as SPV. At the same time, promote self-sustaining economic communities with maximum job creation and compassionate social justice.


The founders and management of Holistic Solar are technologist with a strong compassionate social commitment. This is reflected in the mission statement of the company.


Technologically the company will focus our contribution to advance the development of SPV, where it will be a cost effective replacement of fossil fuels in the 21st century (Reference 1).



The social responsibility, (Reference 2) as described in a recent article, is to bring about the revolutionary change over in energy in such a way that we benefit from maximum job creation, the environment is protected and no one is making rent payments for using the Sun’s energy.




If you would like to contact us, please email us at: info@holistic.solar ⎜ Looking forward to hearing from you!